George’s Marina
A full service marina established in 1960

Official Seasonal Dates
Summer Season: May 15 – October 15
Winter Season: October 15 – May 15
Boats must be ready to launch May 1st
All vessels must be ready haul by October  15th
All charges due in advance 
All prices subject to change without notice 

Dock Space
20 foot minimum on all vessels.

Season Rental: $ 150.00 per foot
Weekly Rental: $ 15.00 per foot
Daily Rental: $ 3.00 per foot

Jack Stand / Blocking

Jack stand rental:
$25.00 per stand
Blocking rental: $ 50.00

Boat Launch

Season ramp fee: $ 200.00
Round trip ramp fee: $20.00

Shrink Wrap

Up to 14 Ft. wide: $20.00 per Ft.
15 Ft. up to 24 Ft. wide: $ 24.00 per Ft.
24 Ft. up to 40 Ft. wide: $ 35.00 per Ft.
Shrink wrap doors: $ 45.00

Outside vessel storage

Winter or summer storage available
All boat trailers must have working trailer jack.
Storage fee (on trailer): $ 24.00 per foot

Winterize Outboard

Service up to 50 horsepower: $ 95.00
Service over 50 horsepower: $ 120.00

Haul, outside storage, and launch
Includes: Jack stands and blocking

Service fee: $ 34.00 per foot Power boats
$40.00 per foot Deep Keel Sailboats

Winterize Inboard

Service 4- 6 cylinder: $ 180.00
Service 8 cylinder: $ 195.00
Fluid changes not inc1uded

Haul  Service:
Please take note there is a $ 250.00 minimum for these services.

Hauling rate: $ 10.50 per foot
Boats will not be removed from transport until bill is paid in full

Hourly labor rates

Mechanical $100.00 per hour
General Yard $75.00 per hour

Empty Trailer Storage

Winter or summer storage is available.
Season storage fee: $200.00

Pressure wash service

Service rate: $ 10.00 per foot
Does not include Barnacle or heavy growth removal

All charges are due in advance.
All prices are subject to change without notice